Carole's Vintage Jewelry Tips!

posted on: Thursday, October 16, 2008

Statement jewelry is everywhere this fall, and Carole Tanenbaum is the queen of costume. Here is a list of some things to watch out for when searching for your own vintage treasures:

  • Watch for metal that is tarnished green. This is a sign that copper has oxidized, and if copper is a component in the metal, then the metal may be damaged. If the tarnish is just on the surface of the metal however, try wiping it with a soft cloth, or use vinegar on a q-tip for spot cleaning.

  • Jewelry boxes should be organised so that pieces do not touch each other. To avoid scratching, try velvet pads. They can be purchased from almost any jewelry supply store, or you can make them yourself with cotton velvet.

  • Bracelets should be stored on bracelet stands, or an upright paper towel stand. Hinged bracelets must be stored lying down, as older hinges have the tendancy to weaken.

  • I always feel that less is more when cleaning vintage pieces. However, if you must, test a small area on the back of the piece to ensure that you are using the right product.

  • Check brooch clasps to see if they work. They are difficult to repair as early clasps are no longer being made. If you feel the clasp is loose, cut a square out of a rubber band and secure it to the pin of the brooch before closure.

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