Impossible Conversations: My Thoughts

posted on: Monday, June 25, 2012

I finally made it to the Schiaparelli and Prada Exhibition at the Met. Although their individual styles don’t necessarily echo each other’s’, I found that both designers were unconventional in their approach to fashion. They came from diverse backgrounds (Schiaparelli from humble means and Prada from privilege), and they both rebelled against the ‘safe’ styling in fashion jewelry during their respective times.
One of the most interesting things I found about the show was that they were both influenced by the concept of “ugly”, with Schiaparelli being told by her mother from an early age that she was ugly, and by Prada using “ugly” as a fashion statement. The exhibit itself tended to favor Schiaparelli’s short jackets and hats. Prada was well-represented by her extraordinary sculpted shoes and unusual skirts.
All in all, an inspirational show, and a must-see for those of us who are interested in the connection between the artist and his work.

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