Carole's Contemporary Designer Picks

posted on: Wednesday, November 5, 2008

As collectors, we all know that today's fare becomes tomorrow's collectibles. There are several Contemporary jewellery designers that I have started collecting. My choices are based on the quality of craftsmanship and personal aesthetics.
  • Robert Sorrell, a New York designer who does a lot of work for Cirque de Soleil, is among my favorites. He works mostly with vintage stones. His jewels, although influenced by vintage designs, are uniquely his own. He is widely known for his cascading necklaces, his long elegant earrings, and fantastic cuff bracelets. He works alone and therefore has a small production. However, I have rarely seen a piece that I don't lust after!
  • Alan Anderson, Canada's darling in costume jewelry is also a one man show. He searches for unique stones, mostly vintage swarofski crystals, and secures them in large claw settings. His large necklaces are spectacular, with wonderful, off-beat color combos. My pick with Anderson is his statement necklaces on japanned metal. Keep your eyes out for this new star!
  • Next is veteran Lawrence Vrba, who once worked in the Miriam Haskell production house. Although many of his pieces reflect "a blast from his past" (think huge 5" flower pins constructed with shells and stones and mammoth Christmas tree brooches) they are objects of wearable art. Kudos to him for his continued collections.
  • David Mandel, of The Show Must Go On, is well known for his life size lobster brooch, which sits on my desk when I am not wearing it. David Mandel definitely takes the cake for 'most over-the-top designer.'

If you haven't already been exposed to these talented designers, check them out in our Contemporary Collectibles Spotlight. You will not be disappointed!


amy said...

YES!!! All of these designers are FABULOUS! I agree!!! Keep the blog entries coming!

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