Michelle Obama Wears CTVC!!

posted on: Tuesday, January 20, 2009

We are so excited…Michelle Obama wore a Victorian brooch from the Carole Tanenbaum Vintage Collection at the Inauguration ceremony yesterday. The brooch took on the appearance of a necklace as she wore it close to the collar. How bold and creative of the First Lady to wear an historical brooch in keeping with theme of the day! It is not surprising to see someone with so much style and class opting for unique vintage pieces. Visit the National Post's Blog and FirstwaterNews.com for more details.
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amy said...

Carole, I am so proud of you and so excited for you! Michelle has FABULOUS taste, obviously!

GabrielleTeare.com said...

Well done you!! This is brilliant !

Carole Tanenbaum said...
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Carole Tanenbaum said...

Thanks for your comments! The latest speculation is that the dress may have been made to suite the brooch, as there is no dress fabric peeking through the top. Please visit firstwaternews.com to read more! I can't think of anyone better than the First Lady to represent vintage. We'd love to hear your initial reactions to the piece, did you think it was part of the dress? -Carole

rudy said...

What a lovely touch.....recognized the mounted rhinestone effect, but wasn't sure just how they were being used, thought it might be a necklace, but it stayed to centered...never dawned on me that it was a pin...duh!
She is a classy lady, but this will cause even more of a run on the "good stuff"! Great for those of you in the biz..baaad for us who are always "shopping" except it ups the value of our stash!!

Julie The Vintage Goddess said...

I have lurked off and on here so this is exciting!

We'd love to hear your initial reactions to the piece, did you think it was part of the dress?

I had a feeling it was a pin and vintage, but she has been wearing so much with a vintage vibe to it I was not sure.
What a wonderful spotlight this is for vintage jewelry lovers...and sellers.

Sandra @ Debutanteclothing.com said...

What an amazing honor! Congratulations on being the provider of a beautiful portion of one of the most talked about ensembles in history. The brooch looked fantastic on our First Lady.

torontopearl said...

I just read in the Toronto Star this morning that the piece Michelle wore was from your collection.

When I watched the inauguration,it wasn't so much Michelle's outfit that caught my attention. It was that brooch that kept drawing my eye; I'd wondered if it was part of the collarline of the dress or if it was indeed a piece of jewellery.

What a magnificent piece, and a wonderful crown for your success!

Mazel tov, Carole, and may you leave your mark on many other significant events in the lives of others.

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